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SOPHIA TAKO - Introducing sensual, feminine, dark electronic R&B infused with nordic melodies. Focusing on lyrics and harmonies Sophia creates an ambient sphere of emotions that are accompanied by heavy beats and deep bass. Her inspiration comes from strong women who write, produce and create their own artistic sound. Sophia now takes her place as not only an artist but also a producer. In her productions she invites the listener into a dark and sensual world lined with flowers and smoke.


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Sophia's journey started back when she at five years old decided to become an artist, and since then she has worked hard with her sight clearly set on performing her own music to make people feel and experience all the different sides of life. Her journey has taken her through both Swedish Idol and X-Factor but she knew instantly that that type of marketing was not for her. For Sophia music is about being genuin and to dare to be who you want to be, and this is what she wants to convey to the world; everyone can choose to be exactly the one they want and as long as that is the best version of themselves no one can say anything about it.

She has previously been part of a funky pop/rock band that made it to the finals of the competition "Musik Direkt" and received much attention from the media, but as usual, and as a blessing in disguise the band grew apart and Sophia finally had to try to find the sound she really wanted to be associated with and it led her to find artists like FKA Twigs, Grimes, Princess Nokia & Tkay Maidza. She found her place among female underground artists.

On her new Ep RIDE Sophia has dived deep within herself and looked closely at all aspects of her life; love, sexuality and growing up and realizing that she no longer is a child but a woman and how to embrace what that means. In the song 'Good Girl', she sings about how tired she is of being, as the title implies a "good girl", just to gain other people's approval and she announces that she finally has had enough:

"God knows I've tried to be a good girl all life, and God knows I'm tired, I am tired of hiding my true desires. I am just a girl. "

Sophia is ready to make her voice heard, it is time to challenge the limits, create conversations and get people to question how a society today really should look like!



  • 2018

  • Performance at Europride 2018(Gothenburg)

  • Supporting act for Beatrice Eli

  • Sofar Sessions Gothenburg

  • Gothenburg Sessions


  • 2017

  • Headlined at Picknickfestivalen(Gothenburg)

  • Headlined at Elinorspelen

  • Performed at Imagine Sweden Festival

  • Supporting act for Thomas Stenström


“She has an amazing voice and a stage presence There are a lot of new artists which sound a bit like Lana Del Rey. But there aren’t much who really sound as good as. Sophia Tako’s Dont You Want Me not only achieves that but also introduced us to her in such a catchy way. Vocally very contagious and sensual, but also very well build both lyrically and in a sort of dark electronics feeling.
— Were the music meets
I want my music to be interesting, not just “Radio hits” It should speak to the listeners soul and make them reflect about their life and their story.
“You can hear in the voice how she wants that deep connection. The persona reminds me of a Succubus and she’s using the emotions to lure the hearts of men into her web of intimacy. She may not be like that in real life but the creativity of the mood take you into that world of lust.”
— Jade Oak Media
The song was created after Sophia realised that she wanted to be proud of herself and be in possession of her own femininity. The result is a pretty sensual electronic R&B gem – led by Sophia’s soft and delicate vocal line – and packed in a sleek and seductive production.
— JaJaJa Music
Sophia Tako, from Gothenburg, Sweden recently released her new single and you need to listen ASAP. It seems like we are going to talk about her and her music too much.
— Nordic Simit